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Apartment Building

Commission Only.

Simplify your entire rental process from beginning to end.

Let us assist you in reducing vacancies and boosting your NOI.

What Do We Offer?


Personalized Unit Tours

Enjoy having twice the showing availability with half the stress! More availability means a quicker turnaround for your vacancies. Awayish works with an extensive network of highly trained "Leasing Realtors" which act as a team for each vacancy. Unlike the conventional method of having one showing agent per unit, we deploy a whole team of showing specialists assigned to each one of your units to minimize the time your unit is on the market.


Detailed Renter Application

We use innovative technology to streamline the rental application process. Applicants fill out a one-time, detailed renter application that is good for 60-days. We use your renter qualification requirements, so when a prospective renter applies with us, they are only able to view properties they qualify for. This eliminates the headache of sorting through ineligible applications. The application gives an in-depth description of each applicant including their credit score, public records, income, criminal background, employment verification, and tenancy. Gone are the days of tenants being able to falsify records.

Application Summary

John Jacobs

Kelly Adams

Application completed Jan 1 at 1:00pm

Application completed Jan 1 at 1:16pm











Professional Photography

Most people nowadays start nearly every purchase online looking at photos. We recognize the same applies for prospective renters, so we pride ourselves on having professionally taken, top-of-the-line photographers for every unit, no matter the condition or location. We have in-house professional photographers on standby, ready to take photos of your vacancies.

Modern Interior Design
Modern Kitchen
Modern Apartment
Elegant Bathroom


Rent Compararables

We offer an in-depth analysis of your vacancies in a market that is constantly changing from week to week, block to block, and unit to unit. We utilize our high-level data metrics to give you insights you can trust to minimize risk, maximize profits, and drive further growth. That one unit that you can never seem to rent is usually just missing one small detail, and we almost always find it.


Virtual Staging

Alongside our professional photography, we offer virtual staging for each unit. Virtual staging allows prospective tenants to better understand the space and design of their unit, as well as get a better grasp of how each apartment can suit their specific needs. 

modern living room with furniture and a kitchen in background.jpg


Renovation Recommendations

Believe it or not, Awayish started out as a vacation rental platform. Having carried out thousands of reservations, we have an extensive knowledge around what prospective renters look for, and have a complete understanding of how to maximize the value of each unit. Sometimes a few small changes can make a big difference. Other times, an expensive upgrade might not help your ROI. We’ll provide you with tailored recommendations personalized to your unit, that if implemented will add value.

Building Plans
Installing Laminated Floor
Minimalistic Kitchen


Personal Concierge

Each client feels like our only client. When you team up with Awayish, we assign a dedicated account representative to give you weekly updates that contain information about how the week went, such as recent showings, and personalized recommendations. This feedback not only keeps you properly informed but also allows you to make confident decisions in an ever-changing market.

Reviewing Reports at Desk
Modern Home


Awayish has worked with a variety of vendors and built a network of close relationships. We only collaborate with top-tier professionals who are proven to be the best in the industry. For any specific aspect of the leasing and management process, we know the best point of contact to get the job done.


Fill Vacancies Faster

With Awayish, your renters truly get the opportunity to search around and find the place that best fits their definition of home.


Improve Revenue

Filling vacancies by partnering with Awayish means additional income through less tenant turnover, and less time between move-ins and move-outs.


Dependable Tenants

Using Awayish to experience your property, builds tenant confidence in their home. Happy tenants lead to more dependability and scalability. 

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