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Apartment Building

Partner With Awayish

How do Apartment Trials work?

You tell us why your property is special and which unit to use.

Think of it as a similar platform to your own website. Awayish is another platform for tenants to find their next home.

Only this way, they are already pre-qualified before stepping foot in your door.

Who screens tenants?

Awayish has partnered with Rental History Reports (RHR) to screen all prospective tenants.

No, we do not have our own screening criteria -we use yours!



Criminal History


Rental References


who maintains the unit?

We do!

You are only responsible for the same items as if a tenant were living in the home.

We'll take care of the rest.


Modern Home

Our service allows you to offer prospective tenants a home trial. Prospects will be able to stay in the furnished unit for a night—or two to feel out the community and eliminate the uncertainty with finding a new place to call home. 

Our resources are tailored to all unit sizes and locations. We offer a simple streamlined service to fully design and furnish a unit of your choosing.

Our team is dedicated to helping you show prospects what makes your community unique.

What Sort of Services Does Awayish Offer?


Fill Vacancies Faster

With Awayish, you truly get a chance to show prospective tenants why they should move to your community.


Improve Revenue

Filling vacancies by partnering with Awayish means additional income through less tenant turnover and less time between move-in and move-out.


Dependable Tenants

Using Awayish to experience your property, builds tenant confidence in their home. Happy tenants lead to more dependability and less turnover.

Interested In Partnering With Awayish?

Are you ready to increase your revenue and increase your steam of reliable tenants? If so, fill out the form below and a member of our team will reach out to you.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Awayish. While we do not have an active platform yet, we will be sure to reach out when we do!

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